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Chess School Classes

Group Classes

Group classes have two equally important parts: (1) Interactive Lecture, and (2) Play Between Classmates. Progress in Chess, like any other intellectual discipline, requires not only knowledge but also practice (reinforcement) of what is learned. Please do not enroll your child with the idea of attending just the lecture, then hurriedly depart for some other activity without playing any games.  Group instruction is offered at several levels, depending on student skills and experience:

___ Novice - Sundays 10:10-11:40  For students who know how all of the pieces move and other basic rules and concepts of the game (e.g. pawn promotion, castling, check, checkmate) but have limited playing experience, e.g. some games with family or friends. This is not a class for first-time Beginners! Parents should speak to Dr. Koblentz regarding options for first-time Beginners. Classes cover opening principles, tactical elements, basic endgame concepts, the chess notation and certain "special" rules often not known to Novices. Periodic teaching games against the instructor. Games against classmates are part of the ongoing "Pyramid Tournament" (no additional charge). Lecture approximately 10:10-11:00 AM; Play between classmates after lecture to 11:40 or so.

___ Intermediate - Sundays 11:00-12:00  For students who have been promoted from the Novice Class or have demonstrated equivalent skills. Covers more  comprehensive tactics, endgames and ideas behind the openings. Introduction to tournament rules, scorekeeping and use of the chess clock. USCF Membership is optional but strongly encouraged for this group, especially for those who have been in the group awhile. Periodic teaching games against the instructor. Lecture~11:00-12:00; Play between classmates either before or after lecture. Monthly USCF-rated "Class" Tournaments with clocks and prizes 1:15-2:45 PM. Seasonal, USCF-rated "Scholastic" tournaments are usually K-8 but sometimes K-12, with clocks, scorekeeping, trophies and other prizes. USCF-rated tournaments require current USCF membership (see Mrs. Koblentz).

___ Advanced & Team - Sundays 12:00-1:15. For students who have advanced from the Intermediate Class or have equivalent skills, or for teen and adult students with USCF ratings above ~1000. Includes group review of student games and instructive master games from past and present, with emphasis on practical opening repertoires, associated middlegame plans/strategies, methods of attack and defense, position play, tactical motifs, problem solving and practical endgames frequently encountered in tournament practice.  Periodic teaching games against the instructor. Lecture ~12:00-1:15 PM; Play between classmates before lecture and/or play with Club Members after lecture up to Club closing time. Current USCF membership is required for this class as well as regular participation in club USCF-rated tournaments.

___ Beginners - please contact Dr. Koblentz 732-219-0916 or

___ All Adult Students - please contact Dr. Koblentz 732-219-0916 or


Private and Semi-Private Classes

For price quotes and to schedule private lessons during the week (Monday-Saturday), please contact Dr. Koblentz on 732-219-0916 or There is a base rate for one student plus a relatively smaller increment for travel time and expense. There is a declining increment for additional students beyond the first student. For groups of three or more, there is a slight discount for the "host" provided that there is only one host location.

Group Class Schedule

Group classes are held year round on Sundays, except for days near certain holidays or in the event of obvious severe weather closings, rare building emergency, etc. We average approximately 43 open Sundays per year. Closings will be announced in advance,  as possible, via e-mail to parents of all currently enrolled students. This website, for practical reasons, will not be as up-to-date as our e-mail announcements. If you are new to us or have not attended recently, please e-mail or call ahead re: our upcoming schedule.

Group Class Registration and Attendance

All classes are offered in blocks of four classes for $80, payable in full at the time of registration. There are no exceptions, no option for payment of "one class-at-a-time," no "try one class to see if we like it." Regular attendance is expected. Frequent absences are disruptive not only to the student's continuity of learning, but also to other students and to the instructor, who must manage fairness in promotions as well as classroom seating availability.  If class enrollment is near maximum capacity, there may be no carry forward of credits for students with frequent absences. It is only fair in such cases to make way for other students. Compared with other schools for music, dance, chess, etc. we know that our prices are reasonable and our policy regarding credit for missed classes is generous. For questions please contact Dr. Koblentz on 732-219-0916, or

Although there are no refunds for missed classes for any reason, a student missing a class may, at our discretion, credit one absence towards the next block of four classes. Except for sudden illness or family emergencies, we would appreciate advance notice of a student's absence. As stated above, frequent absences are not only discouraged, but if a class is nearly full, may result in the student losing their place in the class.

Group Class Registration Application Form

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For questions please contact Dr. Michael Koblentz on (732) 219-0916 Monday-Saturday, or by email at