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Club Membership

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  • The Monmouth Chess School and Club (MCS&C) is open Sundays from 1:00-6:00 PM at 51 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.
  • MCS&C offers participation in USCF-rated tournaments, casual play, blitz and quick play events, expert game analysis, Master simultaneous exhibitions and other chess events.
  • Sets and boards are provided for all MCS&C activities. Although a limited number of Club clocks are available, players are strongly encouraged to bring their own clocks.
  • MCS&C Membership fees are $40 for a half year or $75 for a full year for first-year members, and $25 or $45, respectively, for second-year members. Family Memberships are also available at reduced rates. Special Summer Memberships are available for students at $25.
  • Benefits of MCS&C Membership include discounted USCF tournament entry fees, no daily casual play fees. All Club Members may also play in the annual USCF-rated Club Championship at no cost.
  • Non-member casual play is $5 (first and second-time visitors free). Observing (non-playing) parents are always free. There is no casual playing fee for any participant in a USCF-rated event, simultaneous exhibition or other such event with an entry fee.
  • Current Members who bring new members to the club are entitled to a two-month membership extension for every six months that a new member signs up.
  • MCS&C Novice, Intermediate and Private Students have Club Member privileges when currently enrolled in group or private class.
  • For additional information contact Dr. Koblentz, on (732) 219-0916 Monday-Saturday or by email at

Membership Application Form

(Please Print) Last Name _____________________    First Name _______________   M.I. ___

Address ___________________   City ____________________   ST __   ZIP _________

Home Ph _____________   Cell _______________   Cell ____________   Work _____________

Email Address ___________________  USCF ID (if applicable) __________  Expiration Date ______

Club Membership Fees

New Members:    _____ Six Months $40    _____ One Year $75

Renewing Members:   _____ Six Months $25   _____ One Year $45

Family Membership, first member full price, additional members 50% off each

K-12 Student Summer Memberships $25 (June 15 through Labor Day)

Note: Club Membership fees do not include USCF Tournament Entry Fees.

I have read and understand the Monmouth Chess School and Club Rules and Conditions and agree to abide by these rules and conditions. Non-adherence to this agreement may result in being asked to leave the club, with no refund of fees.

Signature  _________________________   Date  _______________

Parent/Guardian Signature (for members under 18 years of age)  __________________________   Date  _______________