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Club Is Now Open to Go, Wei Chi, Baduk!

The club is now open to play of the ancient board game Go, Wei Chi and Baduk (the three names for the same game in Japan, China and Korea, respectively - when we say "Go" we mean all three). The club is currently in discussion with the American Go Association for membership in the AGA, sponsorship of tournaments, etc. The AGA has generously donated a number of sets now in use in the club.

The benefits of Go are very similar to chess - it improves memory and concentration, abstract reasoning, decision making under time constraints, both tactical and strategic thinking and other things good for your brain and self discipline. Like chess, it attracts players age 5 to 105! There is a ranking system similar to the martial arts, e.g. Novices might be somewhere around 25 to 30 kyu, mid-level amateurs 10 to 20 kyu, strong amateurs 1 to 5 kyu, players 1 to 4 dan amateur are experts and 5 dan and higher start to rival the lower ranks of professionals who compete for prizes in prestigious national and international tournaments. These are, of course, very approximate characterizations, but the essential idea is that a player advances from high kyu numbers to low ones, then a 1 dan player is stronger than a 1 kyu player, 2 dan stronger than 1 dan, and so on. The professional ranks start at 1 dan professional (1P) and the very top players in the world are 9P (10 dan is an honorary title rarely given in Go history).

Dr. Koblentz played competitive Go in the 1980's as a 5 kyu and is available for Beginner and Novice instruction.
The starter sets will be available for club play after 1:00 PM and Dr. K will show club members the basic rules. Based on interest, we will organize group instruction - possibly on Saturday or on casual chess play days on Sunday afternoon. Dr. Koblentz is not "mad keen" about a 9:00 AM Sunday start time, but if there was sufficient interest would consider it.

Of course, the club also welcomes Go-playing visitors and new club members. The same membership works equally for chess and go playing, i.e. there would not be separate memberships for chess and go. First and second time visitors are free.

Event Date: 
Saturday, December 1, 2012