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Club Is Now Open to Go, Weiqi, Baduk! (Updated 9-12-15)

The club is now open to play of the ancient board game Go, Weiqi and Baduk (the three names for the same game in Japan, China and Korea, respectively - when we say "Go" we mean all three). The club has recently joined the American Go Association and plans to offer AGA-rated tournament play. The American Go Foundation (AGF) has generously donated a number of sets now in use in the club. The benefits of Go are very similar to chess - it improves memory and concentration, abstract reasoning, decision making under time constraints, both tactical and strategic thinking and other things good for your brain and self discipline. Like chess, it attracts players age 5 to 105! Dr. Koblentz played competitive Go in the 1980's and is available for instruction at 1:30 Sundays (see separate announcement for this). Go students can play either before or after class. Of course the club also welcomes Go-playing visitors and parents!