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Club Rules and Conditions

  1. Use of the general term "members" below refers to Monmouth Chess School and Club Students, Parents, Guardians, Club Members and Visitors.
  2. Prior to play, everyone should please sign in at the reception area, pay any event fee and proceed to the playing area. At the end of play, please leave the playing area as you found it, then sign out in the reception area. Parents are exempted from sign-in/sign-out, but their children are not.
  3. Chess pieces and boards are furnished by the club and should be treated with appropriate care. Such Club equipment shall not be used for any purpose other than playing chess. Pieces shall not be "stacked" or thrown. Throwing a piece or deliberately sweeping pieces off the board is unacceptable behavior and grounds for dismissal.
  4. Chess Club members shall conduct themselves in a manner to practice good sportsmanship, fair play and courtesy to other players. Any member of any age hitting another member will be dismissed from the premises. Parents are requested to support this rule also for siblings, as it sets a very bad and unacceptable example for the other children.
  5. No running is allowed. No playing on the stairwells is allowed. No shouting or other loud noise is allowed (the Director is exempt from this rule if necessary to get the attention of members).
  6. Only agents of The Monmouth Chess School and Club may provide instructional services or solicitation for instruction to members. Failure to comply will result in dismisal from the premises. This rule does not apply to normal chess club casual analysis or post-mortem tournament game analysis. 
  7. No gambling, smoking, alcoholic beverages or profanity is allowed. It should go without saying, but nothing (else) that is illegal is allowed. 
  8. During USCF-rated tournaments, the USCF Official Rules of Chess, 5th Edition, will be followed. The Chief Tournament Director will be the arbiter when questions arise.
  9. Chess Club members, students and guests shall be considerate of players' games in progress and avoid making disturbing noise. Sound travels exceedingly well in this building. The receipt and answering of cell phone calls is not permitted in the building - please take these calls outside, e.g. in the vestibule area at the top of the stairs, front entrance. Cell phones must be turned off when entering the playing areas. Non-players will be asked to leave the playing area on the first offense. Players receive a time penalty at the Director's discretion for the first offense, possible loss of game for second offense, and then possible dismissal from the tournament and premises. 
  10. Club members and visitors may purchase snacks and beverages in the reception area. However, members are responsible for their food/beverage choices, possible allergic reactions to certain snacks and for keeping the play area neat and clean. Members, Students, Parents, Guardians and Visitors are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  11. Parents are responsible for their children. Children under age 12 require a parent or guardian to remain. Children 12 and older are required to remain inside the building on the main floor until picked up by their parent or guardian. Parents and guardians are required to leave their cell phone and home numbers and be reachable in case of an emergency. Under no circumstances may a child of any age leave the main floor of the buiding. Adults may not go to the upstairs or downstairs parts of the building without permission of the Director, e.g. in the rare case of helping the Director transport chairs or tables. There are no restrooms or anything else of interest to anyone, except on the main floor. For questions, see the Director. The Monmouth Chess School and Club assumes no responsibility if children end play and leave the building or the main floor of the building without their parent or guardian.
  12. Chess club members, students and visitors will at all times be respectful of the building, the outside property and the building contects. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the club's character values - honesty, respect and care for the safety of others. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the premises and revocation of membership and visiting privileges.
  13. Although this very rarely occurs, Club Members, Visitors, Parents and Guardians agree that, if notified of a rules-based dismissal by the Club Director, that they will prompty comply with Director's request to leave the premises or pick up their child. Students agree to immediately stop the offending behavior and wait for their Parent or Guardian to pick them up.