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UCSF Memberships

Membership in the United States Chess Federation (USCF) is required for all "USCF-rated" events. This includes Class Tournaments, Quick-rated tournaments, Regular-rated tournaments and Dual-rated tournaments and MCS&C Advanced Group classes. USCF membership is not required for club casual play, bughouse tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions and MCS&C Novice and Intermediate classes.

Memberships may be obtained by contacting Mrs. Koblentz or Dr. Koblentz all the way up to and including the day of the USCF event.
USCF Memberships may be purchased for a single event only or, more commonly, as an annual membership. The membership cost is the same whether you go through the USCF or have us do it for you. We prefer the latter case as we then don't need to verify memberships for future events, and the Club also gets a small goodwill credit with the USCF.

Note that USCF Membership and Club Membership are not the same thing. Although most Club Members are also USCF Members, this is not a requirement. Likewise, participants in USCF-rated events are not required to be Club Members, although Club Members get a discount on USCF event entry fees..